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nded Fiberglass Builder Gel Fiberglass nded Fiberglass Builder Gel
from 1,95 € *
39,00 € / 100 ml
nded Fiberglass 1-phase gel Fiberglass nded Fiberglass 1-phase gel
from 1,95 € *
39,00 € / 100 ml
nded Fiberglass Base Gel Fiberglass nded Fiberglass Base Gel
from 1,95 € *
39,00 € / 100 ml
nded fiberglass adhesive Fiberglass nded fiberglass adhesive
5,95 € *
39,67 € / 100 g
nded Fiberglass Sealing Gel Fiberglass nded Fiberglass Sealing Gel
from 1,95 € *
39,00 € / 100 ml
nded fiberglass strips Fiberglass nded fiberglass strips
4,95 € *
14,14 € / 100 g
nded fiberglass activator Fiberglass nded fiberglass activator
from 6,95 € *
6,95 € / 100 ml
Fiberglass scissors Fiberglass Fiberglass scissors
1,95 € *
Fiberglass gels creates naturally thin diamond hard nails

Have you often sat in a nail studio and wondered if you would also be able to do your nails yourself? After all, it’s nice to try it once alone and be as creative as you want to be. Along with a bit of talent and practice, you need a good fingernail system with the required materials. But it’s not only important to look for high quality, it’s also important to know what you are doing. Therefore, beginners especially are advised to buy fiberglass modelling instructions. This has professionals explaining the technique of fiberglass nail design step-by-step and is filled with numerous tips. Fiberglass strips are an excellent basis for all fiberglass systems. These consist of micro fine fiberglass materials and have a self-adhesive backing. Anyone who has problems with torn fingernails will find fiberglass strips to be a very good nail strengthener. The fiberglass resin gel is made of fiber glass and silk and soaks the material. For use in nail studios, products such as an ultra strong primer, the fiberglass activator or bonding agent primer are also available in economical larger batches. More than just enchanting to look at, but also very useful for cutting fiberglass material mats, the extra sharp cutter - the Stork fingernail scissors - is highly recommended. Wholesale fiberglass nails and fibre glass gel supplies.

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