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Euro-Line bonding gel
The euro-line adhesive gel is a specially designed gel in the fingernail cosmetics that following extremely improves the adhesion between your natural nail and the gel and colour gel to use UV. Additional tools, such as such as a bonding agent and Primer are not necessarily required nevertheless convincing results. Especially in women, who often have to contend with renovated modelling materials, our Euro-line, product is a true blessing. Custody problems are reduced so simply and yet effective. You can wear it on freshly applied nail tips also. We can tell you even a further positive feature: our high-quality primer gel is suitable for allergy sufferers. This is an important feature if you 100 percent would like to be sure that the processing of our bonding gel for sensitive people leaves no questions. All nail types with our professional gel thin viscosity can be edited. The application works best if you are fast and economical here. Make sure that you come too close with the soaked brush at the edge of the nail. The surface extends automatically smooth (honey effect), minimizing right from the outset to be completed later filing work. You will get highest quality direct from the manufacturer, as usual. With our professional products, you are well equipped to live out your creative dreams. Do not hesitate and score with branded products from our online store.
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UV suitable

Create durable and robust nails using UV gels and the appropriate accessories. UV gels are available in various colours and consistencies. They can be cured using UV-lamp or CCFL lamp, in ca. 120 seconds. Items labeled with this seal are designed for UV-gel technique.

LED suitable

LED gels and the fitting accessories make it possible to create nails in only few moments. LED gels can be cured in ca. 30-90 seconds using LED-lamp or CCFL lamp, and with UV-lamp ca.120 seconds. LED gels can be removed and they don’t need to be filed away. This seal means that the article is suitable to be used with LED gels.


Do you have allergies but still want beautiful nails? Then just use acid-free gel suitable for people with allergies.

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