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Color Pigments

Buy cheap color pigments for mixing their own nail polish and uv gel
Classic nail modelling always means beautiful and cared for hands. But people often want colors and various colorful designs on the nails. There are many various elements available for nail design and nail art. This means nothing is in the way of new ideas and the most beautiful creations can be made. Combing the various elements together and create a nail art to enchant everyone. If you want to create your own gels and colors, then your best choice is to use color pigments that are perfectly suited for this. In this way you can create your own UV gels. Our color pigments are available in 3 gram containers. This is a fine nail design pigment powder that is perfectly suited for mixing and modelling. You can select from more than 30 different colors, with ice effects, that conjure up inimitable iridescent effects on the nails. Create a unique look that you can design for yourself personally. We offer products of the highest quality that meet the high demands of European standards. Benefit from the large variety of colors in the color pigments and conjure up your most beautiful designs, others will envy you. You can also open up unknown possibilities in nail design with our color powders.
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