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Builder Gel

nded building gel Builder Gel nded building gel
from 2,90 € *
nded make-up gel Builder Gel nded make-up gel
from 3,15 € *
nded Premium Make up Gel Builder Gel nded Premium Make up Gel
from 2,45 € *
nded Fiberglass Builder Gel Builder Gel nded Fiberglass Builder Gel
from 2,75 € *
nded Sculpting Gel Builder Gel nded Sculpting Gel
from 3,51 € *
nded Premium Building Gel Builder Gel nded Premium Building Gel
from 2,45 € *
nded soak-off building gel Builder Gel nded soak-off building gel
from 1,60 € *
Euro-Line building gel Builder Gel Euro-Line building gel
7,18 € *
Vylet-Nails Revolution building gel Builder Gel Vylet-Nails Revolution building gel
from 8,52 € *
Vylet-Nails Premium building gel Builder Gel Vylet-Nails Premium building gel
from 2,95 € *
nded Premium UV pinch gel Builder Gel nded Premium UV pinch gel
from 2,45 € *
American Line building gel Builder Gel American Line building gel
from 5,70 € *
Vylet-Nails Premium pinch gel Builder Gel Vylet-Nails Premium pinch gel
from 4,62 € *

Best LED sculpting gel and uv builder gel for nails

Nail design is not that easy. It involves the knowledge of the practical use of many various materials, of regulations and measures for hygiene, care and also technical skill. The application of artificial nails involves more than just sticking on pre-shaped nails, the natural nail must first be prepared. The nail is the focus. It should not just be covered but also cared for and protected. UV building gels care for the nails. These are applied directly to the foundation of the natural nail where they can make sure that an irritated nail is well protected before the artificial fingernail is applied. This is important for minimizing any mechanical friction between the artificial nail and the natural nail. And above all: The artificial nail is more durable with this thin but efficient padding, cannot loosen as easily, and looks that much more well-groomed. The UV building gels in our range have been manufactured with care. They can be painted on thinly, are very elastic and easy to use. We can offer various designs, depending on whether you prefer clear or pink gels. Rose colors can also be selected. As with all our products, our catalog has small packages for household use, but also larger amounts that are more interesting for nail studios and professionals, especially regarding price. Products from NDED e.k. do not contain MMA (methyl methacrylate). Buy cheap LED sculpting gel and best uv builder gel for french nails.

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