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Base Gel

Gel Nail Polish Base Coat NAIL-EON NAIL-EON 15 ml Base Gel Gel Nail Polish Base Coat NAIL-EON NAIL-EON 15 ml
6,59 € *
43,93 € / 100 ml
nded bonding gel Base Gel nded bonding gel
from 2,61 € *
52,20 € / 100 ml
nded Fiberglass Base Gel Base Gel nded Fiberglass Base Gel
from 4,00 € *
80,00 € / 100 ml
nded Premium primer gel - adhesive gel Base Gel nded Premium primer gel - adhesive gel
from 4,32 € *
86,40 € / 100 ml
nded soak-off bonding gel Base Gel nded soak-off bonding gel
from 4,37 € *
87,40 € / 100 ml
Vylet-Nails Studio Edition Base Gel Base Gel Vylet-Nails Studio Edition Base Gel
from 7,63 € *
152,60 € / 100 ml
Vylet-Nails Revolution Base Gel Base Gel Vylet-Nails Revolution Base Gel
14,38 € *
95,87 € / 100 ml
Euro-Line bonding gel Base Gel Euro-Line bonding gel
8,87 € *
59,13 € / 100 ml
American Line bonding gel Base Gel American Line bonding gel
9,88 € *
65,87 € / 100 ml
Vylet-Nails Premium bonding gel Base Gel Vylet-Nails Premium bonding gel
from 6,52 € *
130,40 € / 100 ml
Vylet-Nails Elements bonding gel Base Gel Vylet-Nails Elements bonding gel
27,88 € *
185,87 € / 100 ml
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Natural nails are delicate. Just like everything made by nature, they look beautiful when they are well maintained, but break easily and when faced with mechanical irritations such as long periods of typing on the computer, using tools, dust and raw surface they are more sensitive. They should be protected from extreme conditions, especially when they are to look beautiful despite treatment with colors, polishes and gels. This is why artificial nails are recommendable. They form a protective layer of gel or acrylic over the natural nail, which is then protected from direct contact with damaging irritants such as removers, polishes etc. The natural nail can recover easier when the artificial nail is carefully covered with a high-quality base gel and bonding gel. After all, what good is a protective layer when the adhesive used irritates the natural nail or doesn’t even hold in the first place? Our catalog has high-quality bonding gels for bonding and primers. The products are gentle on the natural nails and still ensure excellent adhesion. Of course along with the inexpensive base gel and bonding gel bulk packages for the nail studios and professional nail designers, we also carry smaller sizes that are well-suited for use at home. And because things sometimes don’t stick the way they should, we can provide information brochures to find out where the problem lies. We have tips and tricks for handling UV gels and instructions for modelling artificial nails as well as an error list for finding the cause of problems when applying UV gels. Buy cheap uv bonding gel and led base gel supplies online at home and for best nail salons.

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