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Vylet-Nails Premium UV Foil Gel - ideal for transfer foils
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Nail Art with Vylet-Nails Premium Foil Gels and Transfer Nail Foils

Our new Vylet-Nails Premium Foil Gels are special gels that are designed for the combination with transfer nail foils. By pressing the transfer foil on the dispersion layer, the foil is transferred onto the gel. With this combination, any nail technician can easily create an amazing nail art. Whether you would like to create delicate ornaments, a French manicure or a full coverage – you can always obtain stunning colour effects. Our nail technician Galina will show you how everything works. As a special highlight, she uses foil gel gold and golden foil to create a liquid stone, which she additionally builds up in 3D using sculpting gel.

Nail Art Sand Technique for Gel Nails in Winter Look

Nail Art with the sand technique for gel nails is a great procedure you can use to very easily create spectacular effects on nails with a full coverage as well as on painted ornaments and patterns. Our nail technician Galina has enhanced the nails with UV gel and has created a full coverage using UV gel polish. For the sand technique, she paints various winter motifs with UV painting gel. She sprinkles acrylic powder onto the wet gel and cures everything afterwards. She obtains a glitter effect and an amazing snow look by sprinkling glitter powder onto the pattern. The result is a fantastic winter nail art. Naturally, you can also use the same technique and different colour combinations from our huge range to achieve totally different effects. Certainly a blessing for any nail salon.


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