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Peel Off Nail Polish

Gel Nail Polish NAIL-EON STRAIGHT Peel Off Nail Polish Gel Nail Polish NAIL-EON STRAIGHT
from 1,89 € *
Gel Nail Polish Top Coat NAIL-EON Peel Off Nail Polish Gel Nail Polish Top Coat NAIL-EON
from 1,99 € *
Gel Nail Polish NAIL-EON SHINEY Peel Off Nail Polish Gel Nail Polish NAIL-EON SHINEY
from 1,89 € *
NAIL-EON Gel Polish Charming Peel Off Nail Polish NAIL-EON Gel Polish Charming
from 2,49 € *
NAIL-EON UV Gel Nail Polish Silk Peel Off Nail Polish NAIL-EON UV Gel Nail Polish Silk
from 1,99 € *
Best Gel Nail Polish NAIL-EON Metallic Peel Off Nail Polish Best Gel Nail Polish NAIL-EON Metallic
from 1,99 € *
3,90 € *
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Nail polish that can easily be peeled off is is practical and gentle to the nail at the same time. Peel off nail polish lasts a long time and keeps its shine, but can still be easily removed from the nail, like a sticker. The natural nail underneath it remains unchanged and appears healthy and intact. The innovative gel polish is hardened under UV or LED light, which is where it gets its durability and stability.

Peel off nail polish combines the various benefits of nail polish and peel-off technology. The polish can be easily and quickly applied to the natural nail and lasts for a long time without chips or scratches. The high-gloss is also retained, the natural nail is protected and fortified. To remove this, the polish layer is simply pulled off, remover and cleaner are unnecessary. This is a benefit especially for brittle and soft problem nails, which are often unnecessarily burdened and additionally weakened by cleaners.

To use the peel-off technique, the natural nail is prepared as usual. For the gel polish to adhere ideally, the natural nail must be clean and free of polish residues, dust and grease. The nail plate is manicured, the cuticles pushed back. After cleaning the surface, the first step is to create a primer with a corresponding base coat. This forms the base for the layers of polish and ensures that the natural nail is not discolored. The priming layer is cured, the moist dispersion layer remains as additional adhesive primer on the nail. Now apply the first coat of peel-off nail polish. Apply the polish thinly and evenly, correct any mistakes – with a correction pen, for example. Cure the polish. For more color intensity, another layer of polish can be applied. Complete this with a sealant. Apply the top coat to the nail, it is particularly important to ensure that the nail edges are covered. After curing under UV or LED light, remove the dispersion layer on the top coat with swabs and cleaner. The result: A high-gloss nail which is ideally stabilized due to its hard and scratch-resistant surface and looks beautiful for a long time.

Yet removing the peel-off polish is even easier than applying it. If a new color is wanted or the nail is growing out, the polish can simply be pulled off from the edges. If the nails are especially dry or if the color is changed regularly, a peel-off activator makes it easier to remove the layers of polish.

Browse through our nded online shop and find the ideal nail polish for your needs in our peel off range. With a selection of different color gels and special polishes, create new, unique, and durable nail designs again and again!


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