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Gel Nail Polish NAIL-EON STRAIGHT for Natural Nails

Our Gel Nail Polishes have the qualities of Peel Off nail polish and strip lack. Simple don’t use the Primer and Base Coat, and you can remove our gel nail polish products after few days simply by peeling it away. Many are already in the course of the year-Erlanger manufacturer activity new products from us on the market come with our customers hit like a bomb. The application is particularly easy, as the gel directly from the handy and practical Bottle can be used and applied. To the gel coat also known as LED, light-curing Nail Polish, UV Nail Polish, Gelish gel. Gel Polish or UV varnish such as a to use conventional Nail Polish, a few preparations must be made.

First, the nails with a buffer must be frosted before the nails then be cleaned with a cleaner and a primer as a bonding agent will be applied. After it is dried in the air, primer is our gel nail polish special base coat applied to the nails from color changes and Protects paint residues. Light is 2 minutes under UV base coat cured. The sweating layer is not removed by the nails, but the color gel coating is applied directly to the still-wet base coat. The Nails are irradiated again for 2 minutes of UV light and the color gel cured.

If a particularly rich and intense color results should be, it is advisable to apply two layers of paint. If you are a Would work for motif or nail art a must in the wet paint be done as following a top coat of gel coat is applied. LED ready! Following the order of the top coats the nails before Scratches protects and provides an ideal finish, the sweating layer removes. Try this new kind of  gel nail polish method and you'll see how the application is very easy. It hardens in 120 seconds in normal UV light devices and in 30 to 60 seconds in LED light curing units.

thin medium thick
UV suitable

Create durable and robust nails using UV gels and the appropriate accessories. UV gels are available in various colours and consistencies. They can be cured using UV-lamp or CCFL lamp, in ca. 120 seconds. Items labeled with this seal are designed for UV-gel technique.

LED suitable

LED gels and the fitting accessories make it possible to create nails in only few moments. LED gels can be cured in ca. 30-90 seconds using LED-lamp or CCFL lamp, and with UV-lamp ca.120 seconds. LED gels can be removed and they don’t need to be filed away. This seal means that the article is suitable to be used with LED gels.


Do you have allergies but still want beautiful nails? Then just use acid-free gel suitable for people with allergies.

Overall evaluations
Legermente gliterata. Bellissimo! Diverso dalla foto
Article: Mallow | 15 ml
same ways as any other nail-eon nail STRAGHT POLISH.
Article: Rasperry Pie | 15 ml
I dont eatch the nails at all as the name says it STRAIGHT.I clean the hands,push the cuticles,tidy up cuticles and so forth.
Article: Olive | 15 ml
It is a nice color and easy to use.
Article: Caribbean | 15 ml
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