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Stiletto Tips

Stiletto Tips refill bag 50 pcs Stiletto Tips Stiletto Tips refill bag 50 pcs
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Stiletto Tips nail tip box Stiletto Tips Stiletto Tips nail tip box
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Stiletto molds 500 St Stiletto Tips Stiletto molds 500 St
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Stiletto pattern nail tips Stiletto Tips Stiletto pattern nail tips
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Effect nails with stiletto tips or templates for best stiletto nails

Celebrities lead the way: Stiletto nails are now fully in trend and decorate fingernails with extraordinary nail art. The special optics of artificial nails, which is made with stiletto tips or templates, uses a simple design to make an excellent shape and ensures surprised to awestruck glances. The extravagantly shaped nail, supplemented with nail art elements from the nded range, with effect gels or effect UV nail polish, creates small works of art which are unforgettable.

Stiletto nails are artificial nails with a tip that ends in a point. This tip can be subtle or extreme depending on the request. Perfect nails are made with stiletto nail tips, which provide the shape and are fastened with nail glue on the natural nail. It is also possible to use a special pointed shaped mold, which serves as a template for artificial nails of acrylic, fiberglass or gel. In any case, the nail is built up as usual in layers, hardened in a manner suitable for the material and decorated with the desired nail art. Stiletto nails can be very sharp and extreme for a particularly striking design. For everyday use, more subtle stilettos are suitable since all daily activities can be easily performed.

Well manicured hands and carefully prepared natural nails are the base for beautiful stiletto nails, which last durably as artificial nails. In the first step, the natural nail is filed, roughened with the buffer, and coated with a bonding agent for stilettos as a gel nail, a primer. A thin layer of priming gel is applied to the dried primer. The base coat is hardened under UV or LED light and forms the basis for the nail construction. Depending on the procedure, the stiletto tips or stiletto molds are added and the nail is formed. For the development of the design there are, as usual, numerous possibilities available. In this way, the nails can be designed in a French style, with imaginative nail art or as a plain painted artificial nails with clear colors or effect polishes.

As a tool for the design of the stilettos, which took its name from the Italian stiletto, a very sharp blade weapon, templates are often used. The flexible stiletto mold templates can be used with acrylic or gel and are placed on the fingertips. The stiletto nail is shaped on the template, once the nail is cured the template is simply removed. Another popular variant for producing the pointy nail shape is stiletto nail tips. These are available with and without patterns in various designs and glued on the natural nail in the correct size with nail glue. Then the nail is finished as usual.

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