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Airbrush Nail Tips

Airbrush nail tips Airbrush Nail Tips Airbrush nail tips
from 2,25 € *
4,50 € / 100 g
Patterned nail tips Airbrush Nail Tips Patterned nail tips
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Stiletto pattern nail tips Airbrush Nail Tips Stiletto pattern nail tips
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8,55 € / 100 g
Best airbrush nail tips suppliers for pointy nail styles

Natural fingernails are delicate and don’t always grow as beautifully as the sophisticated woman wishes. Many nail care products are aggressive to skin and nails, dry out the tissues and make nails brittle. This is annoying, and normally shouldn’t happen - after all, hands shouldn’t suffer. If the nail is to be protected and still beautifully designed, then artificial nails are the perfect solution. Airbrush nail tips (that is the technical term for the base form of artificial nails) are available in all possible sizes and shaped, and they can be designed individually. Polishes, stamps, stickers and jewelry ensure that the nail tips are designed to your personal wishes. Everything that is possible with natural fingernails is also possible with artificial nails. In our catalog pages you will find different types o artificial nails, in smaller batches as well as in inexpensive bulk packages that you know from nail studios, as well as the matching sorting boxes to bring order to the personal small nail studio at home. A special type of nail art is made with airbrush nail tips. The finished designs on the nail tips can be one color or a variety of colors, with stripes, flowers, butterflies or several different designs. Perfectly designed nails that can be attached at home if you’ve fallen in love with a motif.

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