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Nail Tips

15 ml skin remover Nail Tips 15 ml skin remover
5,93 € *
39,53 € / 100 ml
200ml acetone-free washer-disinfector Nail Tips 200ml acetone-free washer-disinfector
4,73 € *
2,37 € / 100 ml
50 pcs D-Tips refill bag Nail Tips 50 pcs D-Tips refill bag
from 0,60 € *
6,67 € / 100 g
50 pcs Edge Tips refill bag Nail Tips 50 pcs Edge Tips refill bag
from 0,60 € *
7,50 € / 100 g
500 ml acetone-free washer-disinfector Nail Tips 500 ml acetone-free washer-disinfector
9,48 € *
18,96 € / 1000 ml
500ml gypsum removal liquid (acetone) Nail Tips 500ml gypsum removal liquid (acetone)
11,87 € *
23,74 € / 1000 ml
Airbrush nail tips Nail Tips Airbrush nail tips
from 2,25 € *
4,50 € / 100 g
Claw Tips nail tip box 100 pcs Nail Tips Claw Tips nail tip box 100 pcs
4,45 € *
5,11 € / 100 g
Claw Tips refill bag 50 pcs Nail Tips Claw Tips refill bag 50 pcs
from 0,68 € *
17,00 € / 100 g
Cleaner universal fl 200ml Nail Tips Cleaner universal fl 200ml
3,95 € *
1,98 € / 100 ml
D-tips nail tip box Nail Tips D-tips nail tip box
3,45 € *
5,07 € / 100 g
Edge Tips nail tip box 100 pcs Nail Tips Edge Tips nail tip box 100 pcs
2,25 € *
3,63 € / 100 g
Full Cover Tips refill bag 50 pcs Nail Tips Full Cover Tips refill bag 50 pcs
from 0,55 € *
6,88 € / 100 g
Mosaic Tips Nail Tips Mosaic Tips
7,45 € *
57,31 € / 100 g
Nail Art Pop Stand Nail Tips Nail Art Pop Stand
12,45 € *
12,97 € / 100 g
Nail tips compartment box Nail Tips Nail tips compartment box
from 1,95 € *
3,25 € / 100 g

Please select the appropriate sub-category to Nail Tips:

Nail Tip Box
With the NDED nail tip box you can immediately react to the various nail requirements of your customers. Set this so your friends and acquaintances are so impressed with your preparations that they will feel at ease and well...
Refill Bags
Nail tips in refill bags add a special touch to nail design. You can extend your natural nails and make your hands appear more slender and better groomed. Nail tips are available in a variety of sizes. As the operator of a nail studio...
Stiletto Tips
Stiletto nails are characterized by their pointy form, which can have a moderate to extreme shape. The extravagant stiletto nail tips are often made with the help of stiletto tips and can be shaped as acrylic, fiberglass or gel nails. There are no limits
Airbrush Nail Tips
Natural fingernails are delicate and don’t always grow as beautifully as the sophisticated woman wishes. Many nail care products are aggressive to skin and nails, dry out the tissues and make nails brittle. Cheap airbrush nail tips for beautiful nail desi
Other Nail Tips
In the category of other nail-tips you will find all the little extras that make the difference between successful nail studios and less successful ones. To keep your customers loyal, you need a large selection and variety of french manicure tips, dual fo
Best false, extensions, artificial, fake nails and nail tips

Well-groomed hands deserve well-groomed fingernails. However, nails often tear or break before they reach a certain length since they are subjected to many strains over the course of a day. This includes typing on a computer, harmful substances in cleaners and many other things. Nail tips and fake nails are used to extend the length of the natural fingernails. These are made from a type of flexible plastic. They are painted on the ridge with nail glue and attached to the front half of the natural nail. They are available in white, transparent or as pre-decorated airbrush tips. The artificial nails, together with a modelling of gel or acrylic, protect the natural nails so that they can grow back at their own pace under the tip. For the nail modelling with false nails to be successful and long-lasting, a few things must be remembered. Before they can be attached, the nails must be cleaned for dirt and grease or otherwise the adhesive will not work. A bonding agent is recommended for problematic nails. Our large selection contains many sizes and various artificial nail tips. There are various curvatures so tips can be selected to fit any natural nail. We also have suitable artificial nails for nail biters or difficult nails. You can place your trust in our years of manufacturing experience. We offer the highest quality in our products, which are all manufactured with the most modern methods. Buy cheap nail tips, fake nails, false nails, extensions and artificial nails supplies.

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