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Paraffin wax for paraffin hand bath
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Some wellness for at home, how about that? Pamper your hands or feet with a pleasant paraffin bath. To determine initial successes on the structure of a smooth skin after just a few applications. Promote You your blood flow with warm and pleasant paraffin baths and Make sure that your dry, brittle skin, much to Moisture will be donated. You suffer from eczema or rheumatism, an aroma therapy paraffin bath can help also. Heating You our paraffin wax rose | 450 g in a special nail salon It is, until it is liquid and dip your hand time 2-3 in a row up to the wrist in the wax into it. A thick layer of paraffin should lay now to hand. Then you strip a plastic glove available at our shop and additionally a Frotteehandschuh over the hand. Let soak in the paraffin for at least 15 minutes. Finally, once again pull out both gloves. Your pores are opened by the heated wax. Therefore creams, lotions and masks can penetrate into deeper layers of the skin, to defend better. For a paraffin hand bath, you will receive our wax in the following fragrances: rose, lemon and peach. Treat yourself to You are this luxury in combination with an extensive manicure or pedicure and order a high-quality today Paraffin wax for your hands and feet.

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