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Footies for hygienic paraffin wax bath in the nail studio
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At rough skin is again smooth and tender a paraffin wax bath. The paraffin Boots are particularly well suited for home use or for the wax bath Application for particularly demanding customers on the spot in the Studio. Through a Paraffin wax bath treatment reduces pain in hands and feet and the penetrating heat muscle tension. You can use the Paraffin wax bath boots for both the hand bath and foot bath treatment apply. The real deal is supported by the application of the boots. The skin is supplied with enough moisture and the end result is: velvety soft skin. Paraffin wax baths are especially popular with Rheumatism and all those who have to do with joint problems. Their customers will be just as thrilled with the result, as you, because not only Skin is soft, but also the muscles will be very pleasant perceived. You will need to use the paraffin wax bath booties, yet a proper paraffin wax bath unit. You will find them in our online Shop in the category nail Studio equipment. In addition to this article, we have also Accessories for paraffin other treatments. Through our many years Manufacturer experience we can guarantee that you have a great advantage When you order from us. Since we only high-quality Studio quality lead products in our range, we can guarantee a steady Satisfaction. Check out our products and quality.  

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