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Paraffin Wax Heater Kit Therapy Bath Set Warmer Machine NAIL-EON
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Held in the nail salon not only nail or manicure, great importance is attached to the hand and nail care. The paraffin bath is one of the most popular nail salon equipment Spa. < BR > < BR > with the NAIL-EON get paraffin wax set hands quickly and sustainably is a intensive care treatment. The set includes an electric paraffin bath, two aroma paraffin blocks of â 400 grams, ten Protectorbags of foil and two warm Terry cloth gloves. The paraffin bath maintains dry and chapped skin and opens the pores. A subsequent treatment with creams and lotions acts up in the deeper layers of the skin. The wax Kit is suitable for the care of hands, feet and elbows, heat treatment increases the well-being and can increase the elasticity of the skin.

Versatile paraffin Bath set with wax by NAIL-EON is a method particularly lasting effect to cause a symptomatic relief health complaints such as arthritis, inflammation, sports injuries and joint stiffness. The brands paraffin Bath set with wax nail Eon has 3 years warranty as all devices here in the nded online shop and also helps the occupational therapy and rheumatism. NAIL-EON paraffin Bath set + 2x400g paraffin wax and cosmetic accessories paraffin Starter Kit Orange for hands, feet and nail Studios.

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Step 1: Wash your hands and dry thoroughly. Remove all jewellery and roll up sleeves. NOTE: Please make sure that the heat protection grid is attached to the base of the device.

Step 2: Check the temperature of the wax by applying a little bit of wax to the inside of your wrists.

Step 3: Insert the hand, with lightly spread fingers, into the bath. Then, immediately, but carefully remove the hand from the bath. Let the wax harden on the hands. Wait at least 3 seconds until the wax is hard before immersing again. Hard paraffin no longer shines!

Step 4: Repeat step 3 as often as you wish, however, no more than 3 times. The more layers are applied, the longer the heat remains.

Step 5: Put on a protector bag and keep hands in the terry cloth mitten for 15 minutes. This will keep the heat.

Step 6: Remove the terry cloth mitten and roll off the wax from the hand still in the protector bag. NOTE: We recommend to discard the hardened wax as it contains dead skin cells.

Tip: A care treatment can be applied prior to the  paraffin treatment. The heat opens up the pores andany  treatment will achieve best results. Attention: The paraffin level in the tub should not exceed the maximum. For the treatment of feet and elbows please follow steps 1-4.

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