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Highly powerful promed nail dust vacuum for collecting filing dust
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As we all know can any nail care, Modelage or pedicure without the filing, milling or grinding the artificial or natural nails, and carried on the feet. As a result Fine dust is produced in turn of you and your customers to the Pushes the mucous membranes, skin and eyes, and you also inhale the. The health consequences can have regular filing work and up to the Result in cardiac arrest. So you try in their own interest to your Health to think and just inform our promed Nail dust extraction which works very silently with his 46/48 dB. This Professional and powerful 1.8 kg light nail salon equipment, with a 308 X 140 x 340 mm (W x H x T), absorbs the dangerous particles from the air. It will be up to a distance of 20 cm in the Fine dust filter of the dust extraction sucked. We advise you from the separate empty dust compartment regularly to remove fine dust by you clean the Mikrofleecepartikelfilter can be used several times. The handling the device is very easy and offers you top a ergonomically form checked and fatigue-free working. Despite a maximum speed 3,000 Rpm with a fan power of 22 Watts, cool hands at the longer dropped onto the removable and interchangeable antistatic pad not. Think of your health and order one today high quality dust extraction including second filter, dust cloth, and a Disposable paper micro filter with 99.9% filtration.

0.415 Meters (m)
0.334 Meters (m)
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