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NAIL-EON UV lamps replacement bottom - spare part for the light-curing device
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At home, you model your fingernails with gel technology and you have all important nail design tools at hand for this? The only what you worry now, is a compatible NAIL-EON UV lamps replacement floor. This accidentally times breaks you up to your light curing device, you must purchase device not a completely new nail salon. The ground for the nded UV lamp can be easily replaced and can optionally in the colors silver or white mirror lenses are used in the device. This soil is suitable also for devices not mirrored bottom. Is for the cleaning after a nail modeling, or to more easily replace the UV light tubes, a retractable floor plate of advantage. Furthermore, it allows a better and easier treatment of your toenails with a UV gel. By pulling out, you must pick up your toes off the plate, but push the plate simply toes forward. Such floors are always ideal as fixed shelves in the UV light curing unit, for the hand and foot. Opt for the light curing unit from our store or you have already one of us should order in addition to the device also equals a replacement floor, nail Studio-quality sound, and at a low price.

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