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NAIL-EON studio edition hand piece for electric nail file
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You look good in the for a nail cutter hand piece, Hand is located and is easy to implement and operate? Then is the NAIL-EON Studio Edition nail cutter hand piece exactly the right product for you. Using the simple click System are different shapes and types of Insert the milling pins into the handpiece. Many nail salon are particularly difficult to manage when it comes to changing the inserts. This You will not have problem with this router. To an optimal work achieve and so that the insert is properly seated, the milling PIN must be at least are 2-3 mm from the head out. Who is already milling pins on the is this product essential. Also for all those who are still not Milling inserts, will find it at us. Under the following part numbers find matching amendment: 8013, 8030-8036, 8041-8044, 8064, 8066, 8071, 8072 and 8090-8099 and 8100-8114. all our products are in high quality Studio-quality manufactured and shipped to you. We can, as hardly a other providers offer unbeatable prices. Convince yourself from our variety of products, the 1a quality throwing around At discounted prices. Order the nail cutters hand piece and you and your customers will be convinced not only by the result of the nail design.

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