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NAIL-EON professional electric nail file foot pedal to keep you hands free when filing
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The smoothing and you have given up long forms with a traditional nail file? Because you get our NAIL-EON Professional nail have managed to, with which you are also very satisfied. However would like to both hands when working with this nail salon equipment have free? No problem our NAIL-EON Nail cutter foot pedal is compatible with this nail cutter. With it you can in the future the switching on and off, as well as the speed by a foot pedal regulate. Connect just the pedal with the cable to the router and then control the electric nail file. You'll be amazed at what the for an additional workload at a nails for you means. Just the speed during milling, with the foot It is advantageous to be able to adjust. So you need not always stop the Nail to work to increase the pace with one of your hands or reduce. The foot pedal is made of durable, black plastic and makes it easy to clean. The footrest is by small pimples non-slip and the pedal it comes with small rubber feet, so that they not there and her slip while you press it. Think about She didn't last long and create even more freedom, with our high-quality professional foot pedal, when cutting your fingernails and toenails.

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