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Electric Nail File

Electric nail file, titanium pins Electric Nail File Electric nail file, titanium pins
from 12,60 € *
Bit holder Electric Nail File Bit holder
8,56 € *
Electric nail file diamond pins Electric Nail File Electric nail file diamond pins
from 7,70 € *
promed 620 electric nail file Electric Nail File promed 620 electric nail file
224,74 € *
Electric nail file hard metal pins Electric Nail File Electric nail file hard metal pins
from 8,50 € *
promed de luxe Electric Nail File promed de luxe
224,74 € *
Best electric nail file, trimmers and nail art clippers for all nail types

Technical equipment can make a lot of work easier. This is not only true in the home, but it also applies to craftsmanship and art. Just like rare wooden sculptures or metal rails are filed by hand, natural nails or artificial nails can be filed and shaped with technical equipment. Since this is delicate work, nail studio shapers are correspondingly small. The small devices are easy to manage because they have a foot pedal for control. The matching hand piece is ergonomically shaped, is easy to hold and can be handled easily with its light weight. Nail studio shapers make the time consuming design of artificial nails easier, because they work quickly. They are also good for simple manicures because, depending on the tip used, they can remove cuticles, clean the nail bed or bring the natural nail into a beautiful and even shape. Along with equipment from the manufacturers Nail eon, Promed and Xenon, you will find high-quality nail shaping equipment on our pages. We have new hand pieces for the various equipment as well as different grinding heads and filing cylinders, the right paper and inexpensive sets for professional or beginner equipment. You’ll find everything you need for the artful design of artificial and natural nails. Our Nail EON & NDED nail shapers are user friendly and meet European standards for safety and quality - that’s why we can give you a 3 year guarantee. Electric nail file, manicure trimmers and cheap nail clippers for all types - natural, acrylic and gel nails.

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