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Spare fluorescent tube


For the manicure, nail and the nail design you need some nail salon equipment and a work light. In addition to skill and practice, the right material is important to work perfectly. The lighting is just as important as hygiene and cleanliness. The table should be designed, that he is clean and tidy. For a work lamp, there must be always room on the Workbench. If there is not enough light, a model location can be not very good. A work light shows smallest unevenness in the modelling or variations in the design. Our NAIL-EON replacement fluorescent lamp is the perfect addition when the bulb must be replaced in your workplace lamp NAIL-EON. The replacement tube has a long service life. It is a 20 W cold light tube, which glows very brightly and so ensures perfect working conditions. Their stability and their flat design make it possible to be able to transport them easily. They developed making it very pleasant working hardly heat. Our lamps are subject to the highest European quality standards in manufacturing. So we can guarantee you the very best quality. The perfect adjustment of the lamp prevents distracting reflections on the nails. Take advantage of our replacement bulb so that a light again goes on! We offer you the highest quality of our products, manufacturers experience.


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