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NAIL-EON UV spare tubes Devices NAIL-EON UV spare tubes
1,79 € *
YOUMAXX 4 tubes UV light unit Devices YOUMAXX 4 tubes UV light unit
17,50 € *
nded 4-tube UV lamp Devices nded 4-tube UV lamp
from 23,99 € *
Paraffin wax Devices Paraffin wax
4,90 € *
NAIL-EON nail dust vacuum Devices NAIL-EON nail dust vacuum
29,90 € *
Electric nail file, titanium pins Devices Electric nail file, titanium pins
7,37 € *
NAIL-EON UV lamp Devices NAIL-EON UV lamp
from 29,99 € *
Bit holder Devices Bit holder
2,59 € *
Electric nail file diamond pins Devices Electric nail file diamond pins
from 9,99 € *
Promed LED table lamp Devices Promed LED table lamp
38,90 € *
Replacement fluorescent tube Devices Replacement fluorescent tube
12,54 € *
Promed UV lamp Devices Promed UV lamp
38,99 € *
promed nail dust vacuum Devices promed nail dust vacuum
124,95 € *
Nail art Airbrush Kit Devices Nail art Airbrush Kit
115,80 € *
Electric nail file hard metal pins  Devices Electric nail file hard metal pins
from 9,99 € *
NAIL-EON paraffin wax set Devices NAIL-EON paraffin wax set
45,99 € *
59,39 € *
promed 620 electric nail file Devices promed 620 electric nail file
118,50 € *
Paraffin wax bath mittens Devices Paraffin wax bath mittens
8,57 € *
Portable UV lamp Devices Portable UV lamp
18,50 € *
promed de luxe Devices promed de luxe
199,45 € *
NAIL-EON 1 tubes UV lamp Devices NAIL-EON 1 tubes UV lamp
14,95 € *
Paraffin wax bath footies Devices Paraffin wax bath footies
8,57 € *

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Nail Dryer, UV Lamp, LED CCFL Lights
Best UV lamp, nail dryer and LED CCFL Lights for nail salons. A craftsman needs good tools, the artist needs good equipment, and even a nail designer works best with the right equipment. UV light hardening equipment is needed in every nail studio because LED CCFL UV gel needs...
Electric Nail File
Technical equipment can make a lot of work easier. This is not only true in the home, but it also applies to craftsmanship and art. Just like rare wooden sculptures or metal rails are filed by hand, natural nails or... Electric nail file, manicure trimmers and cheap nail art clippers for all nail types - natural, acrylic and gel.
Nail Dust Collector
Dust vacuuming is important everywhere the smallest particles are created when shaping materials. What is normal in wood-processing companies and the metal industry, is more and more present in artist ateliers.... Nail dust collector from wholesale nail suppliers and manufacturers.
Paraffin Bath
Purchase paraffin products at inexpensive prices with paraffin accessories such as: Wax, hand bath and sets. Nothing is more erotic than the groomed hand of a woman with slender fingers, soft skin and fingernails of a decent length. It is the nails and their direct environment, nail bed and fingertips, that react so sensitively to every touch, that... Paraffin bath set with wax and accessories for beautiful hands and feet to show off fashion nails.
Desk Lamp
The basic element of nail modelling is precise work. To do this you needs the correct lighting. This is ensured with our attractively shaped work area lights. This consists of a 20 watt cold cathode fluorescent tube, is very bright and... Desk lamps using LED and halogen as well as table lights for manicure und pedicure.
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Not only professional hand and foot care must adhere to the highest hygienic standards, but cleanliness is also important in “simple nail studios”. Most equipment needs more than a surface cleaning, but should also be thoroughly cleaned... Ultrasonic cleaner is an essential product to maintain tools for nail implements, manicures and pedicures.
Best electrical devices kit in the nail salon - from extraction to light bulbs
What electrical equipment does a nail studio need?

Basic requirements for a nail salon include no only gels, polishes and other consumable items, but also various electrical devices. Some of these are mandatory, others increase the ease of use, make the nail designer's work easier and ensure professional results. Important for all equipment: high performance and quality. Because quality is a must, especially when these are used frequently. The necessary spare parts should also be on hand for the equipment used to ensure work can continue uninterrupted.

A nail studio cannot work without dust extraction, this is true for permanent as well as mobile studios. The extraction equipment, which is often integrated into the handrest or the cosmetic table must be efficient, quiet and reliable. The inconspicuous extractor removes filing and grinding dust where it occurs and ensures clean air. This is especially important for the nail designer. Is filing dust is inhaled over a long period of time, this can lead to health problems and diseases of the respiratory tract. As an accessory for the dust extraction, the correct replacement filters and spare dust bags should always be in stock.

Electric nail files make work easier and create perfect manicure and nail sculpting results. Therefore this electrical devices is a must in every nail studio. The electric nail files are available in different versions and with the appropriate attachments can be used for filing, polishing and grinding. Models with a foot pedal are particularly easy to use. For spare parts, it is advisable to have an extra hand piece in stock as well as various attachments and grinding head accessories.

Sculpting with gel is standard practice in the nail salon. A UV or LED light lamp is essential for curing the material. Various models in different designs, colors and qualities can be found in the online-shop and ensure perfectly hardened and long-lasting gel nails. UV nail polishes and sealing polishes can also be hardened with the light. An emergency replacement lamp should always be handy. If you want to avoid this dilemma, rely on a CCFL lamp with cold cathode tube.

The correct lighting is crucial for perfect manicures, nail sculpting and nail art. Work area lights in various designs and versions ensure glare-free lighting and thus the best view of the customers' nails. Bumps on the nail are as clearly visible as irregularities on the nail plate or in the design. Due to the special design of the lamps, annoying reflections are avoided from the outset. The LED tubes used are extremely reliable and durable, yet it is advisable to have a spare tube in stock in the studio.

Other important electrical devices in the nail salon includes, for example, a paraffin bath and ultrasonic cleaner for more customer service and hygiene. The paraffin bath is ideal for hand and foot care, an ultrasonic cleaner makes it easy to keep work utensils such as files or milling heads hygienic. Electrical devices kit in the nail salon - from extraction to light bulbs.

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