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Nail Dryer, UV Lamp, LED CCFL Lights

Nail Dryer, UV Lamp, LED CCFL Lights to cure and harden UV Gel Nail Polishes

A craftsman needs good tools, the artist needs good equipment, and even a nail designer works best with the right equipment. LED CCFL UV light hardening equipment is needed in every nail studio because LED CCFL UV gel needs a certain amount of time to harden. This is faster with a professional LED CCFL UV lamp In only 2 minutes our black light lamp completely hardens the LED CCFL UV gel. This saves the customers longer waiting times and makes the work in the nail studio easier without any forced pauses. The LED CCFL UV lamps are safe because only the fingers with the nails to be treated are held under the relatively weak LED CCFL UV lamp. The small devices are also shielded so they are perfectly safe. These are carefully manufactured and correspond to all European standards. Furthermore, we also offer 3 year guarantees on all of our nail studio equipment - just in case something should break. Along with the larger light hardening equipment that are mainly practical for home and studio use, our catalog also contains small mobile LED CCFL UV lamps that are easy to transport. Spare lamps and tubes as well as replacement bases for the equipment are also in our selection as well as a trouble-shooting list that makes it easier to localize and correct malfunctions. Nail dryer, UV lamp, LED CCFL lights to cure and harden uv gel nail polishes.

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