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promed 2520 electric nail file

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Filing artificial and natural nails is child’s play with the promed 2520 electric nail file. It can be used for the care of fingernails as well as in pedicures.
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promed 2520 electric nail file Electric Nail File
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promed 2520 electric nail files for nail studio

Know You already the advantages that allows you to work with a nail cutter be? By working with the nail cutters promed 2520, the files will give you of art or natural nails electric filing simplifies, to a multiple is faster than conventional manual filing with various Files. The nail cutter promed 2520 will provide you with a high quality hand-piece and foot pedal included, through the work once again to a lot of is facilitated. By working with a nail cutter, you save time and Your customers will be amazed how fast the nails are polished. Only a small percentage has to be filed often manually. In the supplied hand piece, which you also individually in our online shop who can, you can order all available burrs Insert. All burrs are compatible and can be used with the handpiece. We provide a variety of different pins for you - take a look simply times purely and find the best for you and your application appropriate pen out. The foot pedal, which you also as an additional Spare parts can purchase individually, the work of the nail cutter allows you by foot pressure. By working with the foot pedal, you have both hands to the Work on the customers. Benefit from our many years Manufacturer experience and our studio quality.

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