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Desk Lamp

Desk lamps using LED and halogen as well as table lights for nail salons

Foot care stores, pedicure and manicure store - clean and precise work is the basis for nail work. Along with practice and talent, the right tools as well as pedicure equipment are important points that must be considered. Every manicure work station needs a lamp for the right lighting. Good lighting is important for a perfect result. We have ergonomic foot care work station lamps with a 20 W cold cathode tube for very bright light and perfect working conditions for pedicures. The lamp is very stable and, due to the flat design, is easy to transport. This is a very important aspect especially for mobile nail studios. The manicure tube only puts off a bit of heat, which makes it comfortable to work with. In nail design there are a few pedicure tools that are not absolutely necessary, however work station lamps are not one of these. These are an absolute must! The work station lamp shows irregularities on the fingernail as well as the smallest bumps. There are no distracting reflections on the nails with our lamps because these were specially designed for the nail design work station. If the pedicure lamp light tube should break, we have spare tubes that perfectly fit the lamps. We assure you of the very best quality. Our work station lamp was developed to meet the strictest European quality guidelines. Desk lamps using LED and halogen as well as table lights for nail salons.

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