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YOUMAXX - the long lasting solution
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There are several ways to get rid of annoying hairs. One is the shaving, which not long and causes more irritation or even injury. Depilatory cream can also irritate the skin, and the effect lasts also not long. A much more permanent solution is the hair with wax. Our YOUMAXX bye bye hair cotton roll the perfect remedy is no matter whether in cold or hot wax. Get a roll of bleached cotton with the dimensions 3.5 "and a length of 100 yards. You can to cut the fabric to the dimensions you need. Cut the fabric pieces not too long because the removal might be too painful. They should cut the pieces so that you can pull them off with a jerk.
Apply the wax to the point to depilatory and press the piece of cotton fabric on it. Delete it a couple of times to express it correctly. Slightly tighten the skin and remove the piece of material with a Jolt against the direction of hair growth. Insert a finger or the hand immediately on the enthaarte place to soothe the skin to something. Usually a finger is sufficient for the face and bikini line, legs, the surface is usually much larger. On the enthaarten points, apply a cooling care lotion.


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