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A small idea that is big

With blood, sweat and tears we developed from a small idea into a company for nail design products of worldwide renown. At the heart of our activities is the manufacture of high-quality products, combining know-how and the best raw materials. We utilise our expertise and our passion for your satisfaction.


Nail design is our passion. It is our mission to offer state-of-the-art products and to promote and challenge people. We go to the limits and if necessary beyond to let the passion of nail design transpire in our products, and to turn a smile on the face of every customer. We love to see you shine – nded!


We operate our production process in line with the highest quality and safety standards. What distinguishes us are the continuous monitoring of the production lines and the optimization of the manufacturing process. This shows through in our products to better satisfy your customers and guarantee our mutual success.

From idea to product

An idea has a long way to go before it reaches the customer in the form of a finished product. It takes many years of brainstorming, many a headache and a great deal of testing to develop a first prototype. Once this prototype has been created and approved, it is essential to design efficient production processes, implement marketing ideas and bring every aspect of the business into balance. We believe this is what has made us the leading manufacturer for nail studios and retailers in only a few years!

Quality is of the essence

We do not operate with piecework and we do not outsource our production. We prefer to rely on our employees, and this has paid dividends. A high-quality production process and a pleasant working atmosphere ensure an unbeatably good end product for the consumer. And we always maintain an overview.

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