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Manicure manufacturer with christmas set for 5 fingernail business
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In the nail, there is hardly anything which does not exist. Through the many various elements of the nail art the most beautiful creations can be conjure up. There are no limits to the own ideas. The elements can be perfectly combine also with nail polishes. It is for every occasion best nail decoration you wish. Especially on certain occasions, you should Nails be extra nice. Christmas is such a special celebration. Leave with Your nails shine our Christmas set. Use colorful paints as Primer for nail design. Create bright highlights with for example, rhinestones. Use of the different products Nail art to shine with the candles on the Christmas tree to the bet. Fit your nails can styling with our set for Christmas. You can save is hardly envious eyes. The set is suitable to be used on artificial nails as well as on natural Nails. According to your needs, the nail art can classically elegant or modern funky fall. Play with the elements and create your their own ideas. Convince yourself and your customers from our products, the the are subject to high requirements of the European standards and all the latest status of UV-gel research are made. They are of highest Quality. Your customers will thank you with satisfaction and customer loyalty. Set includes the following articles: 3156, 3140, 3180, 4327


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