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Vylet-Nails Studio Edition Precious Acryl Powder
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She receive with the Vylet precious acrylic powder a on the Acrylic based latest developments in powder, which through its Resistance stands out. It is a very, very fine powder, that for provides incredibly fine and beautiful acrylic nails. The powder is like any other acrylic powder also available with commercially available and with us Acrylic-liquid mixing. Already a small amount of our abundant and high quality precious acrylic powder rich, to a sufficient amount of Mass to touch, can be used for model acrylic nails. The Stir mass, you need still an Acrylliquid in addition to this powder a special glass which is suitable for acrylic and a special Acrylic brush. If you have set the powder and the Acrylliquid in the glass. mix this with the brush in a circular motion. In the connection form a small ball of the on the edge of the glass with the brush mixed acrylic and this put on the nail. Model that Mass immediately out, because acrylic hardens very quickly in the air. The highest Point the location of the model should be on the C curve, there, where the natural nail to the Artificial nail goes over. If you made have modeled the acrylic, edit the other nails in the same procedure. In the connection, we recommend that Applying a sealant product, in the form of varnish or gel, which the Nails protect from stains, scratches and other external influences and makes it more durable. Convince yourself and benefit from our Experience of the manufacturer.


Step 1: Prepare for the nail sculpting.

Step 2: Moisten the brush with the acrylic liquid and dip it in the colour powder of your choice.

Step 3: The acrylic mass will stick to the tip of the brush.

Step 4: The mass must be placed on the nail in order to sculpt the French tip.

Step 5: In order to continue with the nail sculpting, everything must be dry.

Tip: Let each layer dry properly after each step

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