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Vylet-Nails acrylic color powder for creative nail design
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With our Vylet-Nails acrylic color powder We brought a very high-quality acrylic powder on the market, that does not convinced only by its color intensity, but also due to its particularly long grip on the nails without breaking, to loosen or shatter. In addition, that the powder due to the by us as the manufacturer carefully selected ingredients, has a special protection of the Cavaliers. This protects the natural and artificial nails from staining by cigarette smoke and by natural and artificial sunlight, for example, in the Solarium may arise. As you can see, this product has it all and is an all-round talent. Easy to use, it can be as also, apply any other acrylic product and use. We offer you Powder 30 g or a storage size of 500 g. You can switch between currently 4 Select colors - the offered here dream of Orient, Summer Breeze, pale Pink or caster sugar whit. No you matter for which powder is decide, your nails will be catcher. Mix the powder with an Acrylliquid in a container specially appropriate. Form then Acrylic brush a spherical mass and wear them on the Nail up. Begin immediately with the modeling. The following drying very quickly in the air, so that a rapid way of working is necessary. The highest point of the modelling should be there, where the transition of the tips to the Natural nail is the C-curve.


Step 1: Push back the cuticles and matt the nails.

Step 2: Now, adjust the tip to the nail.

Step 3: Apply some nail glue to the tip and stick it on.

Step 4: When you have glued on all nail, shorten them to the desired length.

Step 5: Carefully file the transitions from the tip to the natural nail. Please do not file the natural nail.

Step 6: After you have filed every nail, remove the dust and apply a primer to the natural nail.

Step 7: Please fill the acrylic liquid into the supplied Dappen glass.

Step 8:  Dip the supplied acrylic brush into the Dappen glass.

Step 9: When the brush is moistened with the liquid, you can start shaping with the little ball.

Step 10: The acrylic little ball forms when you dip the brush into the powder and wait until the liquid combines with the powder.

Step 11: Now apply the little ball to the nail and start shaping your sculpted nail.

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