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Metallic powder specially long lasting and helps to create amazing acrylic nails
The color of the images may differ.

We develop new products and offer you always again, the latest developments in the nail design industry on. With the Metallic acrylic power in the shades of metallic purple and metallic red are very allows for intense color acrylic nails. The powder contains an innovations Cavaliers protection, so that the natural or artificial nails before undesirable yellowing and discoloration are protected. As with any type of nail design are also the nails on acrylic base no limits and the Fantasy can be allowed free rein. No matter whether you one of the powder use alone or with each other the result of color mix, is very color-intensive and due to the special ingredients you are fine Metallic fibers particularly well to the fore. The application of acrylic of powders very simple, because it is applied product like any other acrylic. Before with the work can be started the nails first to the Acrylic modelling as usual prepared. Following is the powder with a Acrylic liquid, as it is available in different versions with us, in a special container mixes. It is important that you the mass quickly on the nail and spread it with circular movements on the nail. Note, that the highest point of the C curve, at the Is a transition from the tip to the natural nail. The acrylic hardens in the air, so that a UV light lamp is not needed in most cases. Our acrylic powder is a new Product on the market which meets all standards and regulations. Upgrade A fully colored acrylic products in a new world.


Step 1: Once you have filled the liquid into a Dappen glass, dip your brush into it.

Step 2: Slowly move your brush over the acrylic colour powder; a little ball will form at the tip of the brush.

Step 3: Shape the French tip with the small ball by placing it on the tip.

Step 4: Now you can create the French tip.

Step 5: Once this has dried you can continue sculpting the nail.

Tip: You can shape a perfect smile line with our Edge Trimmer

Overall evaluations
Quick delivery the colour looks gorgeous not tried the powder yet but can't wait to. The only thing is that is you get charged VAT more than once it would be better if you only got charged the once but other than that the price is really good. Sorry for long winded review lol
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