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Vylet-Nails Incredible acrylic powder for nail design
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Beautiful manicured hands and long fingernails must remain a dream for any, even if your own nails not sure are suitable. Hardly any are They longer, they cancel or break down. With one Nail can be offered to the curb. If the nails be longer should a nail extension can be obtained through nail tips. With our acrylic powder you can lend your nails strength and Her nails are still flexible. For the processing you need a Acrylic liquid, of course in our extensive product range To find. Require no UV lamp, because the mixture of acrylic powder and connects the liquid in the air. The powder-liquid technology is also for beginners Suitable nail Designer. You will find here the powder / liquid combination in different curing times, so you best choose for themselves can easily to create the most beautiful model layers and having enough time. to correct any errors. To the Populate the model location must the old modelling be filed so far, that the new model location layer nothing more from the old is visible. Here does an electric file very good services. Convince You are of the highest quality of our products. We guarantee you Experience of manufacturers and products, all the high European Comply with requirements. See for yourself, will complete be amazed.


Step 1: Once you have filled the liquid into a Dappen glass, you should dip your brush into it.

Step 2: The brush should be fully soaked with the liquid.

Step 3: Dip the tip of the fully soaked brush into the acrylic powder.

Step 4: After the little ball has formed, place it on the nail.

Step 5: Press the little acrylic ball flat and distribute it carefully on the nail.

Step 6: After a short drying period the sculpted nail still needs to be filed into shape.

Step 7: Polish the nail to high gloss or use a sealing gel.

Tip: You can also use a Top Coat

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prodotto buonissimo si asciuga velocemente percio la lavorazione deve essere precisa e veloce nn adatto a principianti...colore naturale perfetto
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