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Acrylic liquid for fingernail modeling


Conducted some finger nail model layers with the acrylic technique and have become enough now quick, our nded professional acrylic liquid in combination with acrylic powder to apply? Starting as usual with the shortening and shapes your natural nails. Want to strengthen your nails not only with this system, but also extend, use appropriate tips that are suitable for your nail shape. This paste with a tip adhesive, cut them with a cutter to the desired length and flat file the transition from the art to the natural nail. Afterwards, pour some acrylic to liquid in the vial in a suitable standard dappen dish and moisten your acrylic brush is. Strip liquid the excess at the edge of the glass and forms a small sphere around the brush using a circular motion. The beads put on the tip of the nail and to model your nail. Our professional liquid faster cures, as our other acrylic liquids, therefore you need to process very quickly the dropped ball. Especially when modeling it, we recommend you to make sure that there is the highest point of the C curve between the transition of the art and nail. So a good durability of your fingernails is guaranteed. Do you dare and model your nails with our nded acrylic liquid nail Studio-quality sound, still faster and faster than ever before.



Nail design without machine curing: create beautiful natural or artificial nails without using electric devices, totally independent from power supply. With this seal, we have marked the products that cure by themselves upon contact to the air.


Step 1: Our nded Professional Acrylic Liquid is used for quick nail sculpting.

Step 2: Dip the brush as usual into the Dappen glass and then into the appropriate powder.

Step 3: Now sculpt the nail as usual.

Step 4: The quick curing of the powder allows you to continue sculpting after approx. 1-2 minutes.

Tip: If you would like a little less liquid on your brush, wipe the brush on your glass


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