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NDED acrylic liquid for nail modeling
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The modeling with acrylic requires liquid acrylic. Our nded acrylic liquid is used in conjunction with an acrylic powder used for modelling. It hardens in about two minutes on the air. Therefore, no UV lamp is required for a perfect acrylic modelling. It harmonises perfectly with all nail design acrylic powders our acrylic systems are in nail Studio quality. The fluid is low odor. Is a primer at the disposal, which ensures secure fit between the natural nail and acrylic for problem nails. Thus, the lifts of the nails finally belongs to the past. Acrylic powder can be easily processed with the liquid. To immerse the brush only in the liquid and then into the acrylic powder. Thus, a small amount of acrylic powder is absorbed with the brush tip is evenly distributed on the nail. Natural nails are often heavy stress. You break or chip. But beautiful fingernails must not remain a dream. There is the possibility of modelling, possibly combined with artificial nails. They can grow out time until only the natural nail with the modeling is reinforced. So the desired length of the nails reached be. with our acrylic system can can bring a perfect modeling on your nails. We offer highest quality of our products and experience of the manufacturer.


Step 1: The nded Acrylic Liquid is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Step 2: Use the liquid as usual in a Dappen glass.

Step 3: Dip the brush in the liquid and then in the provided powder.

Step 4: Sculpt your nail design and let it cure of approx. 2 minutes.

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