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NAIL-EON Remove wraps make removing the nail modeling easier
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There are several reasons why one would want to remove gel or acrylic nails. Removing UV gel polish is also something that needs to be done every now and then. In order to remove the modeling, you need to go through several tiring steps. There is however an easier way to remove Soak Off gel or acrylic nails, as well as different nail art -designs. We offer you a solution to remove the modeling using foil or bandage -wraps, without tiring process or causing stress to the fingers and skin. Our wraps have a pad attached to them. You apply the correct remover onto it. Next you place the pad on the nail, and wrap the foil or bandage around the finger.

After around ten minutes the process is done. For you, and for your customers, this method has certain advantages. The hands can be moved freely during the process. After you remove the foil, you can remove the rest of the modeling using a orange wood stick. The residue can be easily removed with the stick. Treat the hands as usually after this using for example our care oils. The foils and bandages can be used for both finger- and toenails.

Let yourself be convinced by us and our service. All our products are of highest quality and they meet all the regulations and standards. The products are a result of the latest research of UV-gel development. Let us convince yourself!

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